A History of Tobacco Industry

Monday, April 7, 2014

A History of Tobacco Industry

Tobacco smoking in many regions of the world has been practiced for centuries. The tobacco plant has been grown in America since the 17th century and later was brought to Europe In 1865, Washington Duke from North Carolina began to roll cigarettes and sell them to others for profit. This was the beginning of cigarettes industry.

James Bonsack in 1883 invented a machine that could roll cigarettes and produce thousands of them daily. He started a business called the American Tobacco Company, which was the first company to produce cigarettes on a large scale. The mechanized production of cigarettes widely increased the reputation of smoking, and made cigarettes much more accessible to everyone.

In the late 19th century cigarettes were being sold in packs and marketed throughout the United States. Cigarettes were packaged into containers of ten that were marked with the name of the company that manufactured them and various logos or designs. The packs of ten cigarettes sold for five cents each. Cigarette packages were made of paper with a small card inserted to reinforce the package. These cards were designed with attractive prints that served as a form of advertisement for the cigarette, and people began to collect and trade these cigarette cards, a practice called cartophily. The manufacturers of cigarette packs began to design cards specifically with the purpose of trading in mind, which in turn boosted their sales.

In the late nineteenth century cigarettes were being sold in packs and marketed throughout America. Cigarettes were pre-packed into containers of 10 that were marked with the name of the corporate that factory-made them and varied logos or styles. The packs were composed of 10 cigarettes and sold for 5 cents. The makers of smoke packs began to style cards specifically with the aim of advertising and boosting sales.

The first popular brands were Fragrant Rose cigarettes, sold in the 1880s, issued cards with romantic and flowery images or Creole cigarettes, known for issuing baseball cards for the Newsboys League in 1888. Other popular brands of the late 19th century were Sweet Caporal, Lone Jack, and Three Kings. Only in the early 20th century that companies such as Philip Morris Tobacco, the founder of Marlboro cigarettes, began their activity.

The evolution of the cigarette industry continued into the first half of the 20th century. Cigarette usage initially began as a habit for soldiers; but with the automation of cigarette production, followed by the popularity of cards due to advertising, many more people began to smoke cigarettes and in the 1920s, the cost of a pack of cigarettes ranged from 15 cents to a quarter.

Nowadays, two of the largest producers, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and Philip Morris have bought out many of the smaller industries , becoming international corporations with branches all around the world.

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