Not the first time that cigarettes have been stored under counters

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not the first time that cigarettes have been stored under counters

It seems that some patronising bureaucrat thinks that we're all so weak minded that, when confronted by a dazzling display of fag packets, we'll all be unable to resist temptation and become new smokers.

Really? So just how many of you have been, or would be, persuaded by these rather dreary looking displays into buying and smoking your first cigarette.

They would, if you were a smoker, remind you that cigarettes were on sale at whatever retail establishment you were in. But if you're already a smoker, you would already know where to buy your fags. . . .

In one of its bulletins released immediately after the conference, the Framework Convention Alliance (FCA) claimed "health wins, tobacco industry fails". Do you think they are right?

They claim victory, but this is not the case, since the guidelines adopted on articles 9 and 10 are very vague.

However, there are still margins in these partial guidelines for countries to do things that might harm tobacco growers from all over the world, and they will have an impact on growers because blend will be affected.

The effect already became obvious before any decision was taken. As soon as the conference in Punta del Este started, leaf prices in Malawi went down because buyers didn't know what to do - so the conference already had a negative impact on the poor countries.

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