Cigarettes News and Articles for Period of February 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Cigarettes Brands Availbale for Sale

Capri, Sobranie, Marlboro Menthol, More, West cigarettes – and this is not the entire list of fresh smokes we are proudly presenting to you today! Our cigarette assortment has expanded by 95 more smoking products. From now you don’t need to spend your time on search of your favorite cigarette brands on the internet! All you need – we have in stock!

Plus, we offer the lowest prices, and also by purchasing special offers per 6 or 10 cartons at a time we offer you a 5 to 20% discount. If you are a guest, don’t waste your time, register and start enjoying the taste of your favorite cigarettes, and save a tremendous amount of money!

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List Of New Cigarette Products Added to DiscountCigarettesMall Catalogue

Belomorkanal Papiroses$13.80
Camel Black Super Slims Cigarettes$19.85
Camel Natural Flavor 4 Cigarettes$19.85
Camel Natural Flavor 6 Cigarettes$19.85
Camel One Cigarettes$18.85
Camel White Super Slims Cigarettes$19.85
Capri Azzurro Cigarettes$16.80
Capri Bianco Cigarettes$16.80
Chesterfield Agate Cigarettes$19.75
Chesterfield Ivory Cigarettes$19.75
Classic Imperial Blue Cigarettes$15.64
Classic Imperial Red Cigarettes$15.64
Classic Imperial Silver Cigarettes$15.64
Classic Imperial Slims Blue Cigarettes$15.64
Classic Imperial Slims Silver Cigarettes$15.64
Classic Red Cigarettes$#.00
Classic Silver Cigarettes$#.00
Davidoff Classic Slims Cigarettes$24.43
Davidoff One Cigarettes$24.43
Davidoff One Slims Cigarettes$24.43
Delta Blue Cigarettes$14.20
Delta Red Cigarettes$14.20
Dubliss Black Cigarettes$20.54
Dubliss Blue Cigarettes$20.54
Dubliss Elegance Superslims Cigarettes$20.54
Dunhill Fine Cut White Cigarettes$24.30
Esse Aura Green Apple Cigarettes$21.80
Esse Aura Pink Strawberry Cigarettes$23.40
Esse Black Cigarettes$20.42
Esse Golden Leaf Cigarettes$21.80
Esse Silver Cigarettes$21.80
Esse Special Gold Cigarettes$18.25
Esse One Cigarettes$18.25
Kent Convertibles Cigarettes$21.38
L&M One Cigarettes$19.10
LD Amber Super Slims Cigarettes$15.20
LD Pink Super Slims Cigarettes$15.20
LD Violet Super Slims Cigarettes$15.20
LD Blue Cigarettes$15.90
LD Blue (Soft Pack) Cigarettes$15.90
LD Club Gold Cigarettes$17.82
LD Club Platinum Cigarettes$17.82
LD Red Cigarettes$15.90
LD Red (Soft Pack) Cigarettes$15.90
LD Silver Cigarettes$15.90
Magna Blue Cigarettes$16.20
Magna Red Cigarettes$16.20
Marlboro Blue Fresh Cigarettes$21.20
Marlboro Blue Ice Cigarettes$22.20
Marlboro Filter Plus One Cigarettes$25.20
Marlboro Gold Fine Touch Cigarettes$25.20
Marlboro Gold Touch Cigarettes$25.20
Marlboro MX4 Flavor Cigarettes$20.20
Monte Carlo Super Slims Fresh Cigarettes$15.80
Monte Carlo Super Slims Silk Cigarettes$15.80
More Balanced Blue Cigarettes$16.80
More Filters Cigarettes$16.80
More Fine White Cigarettes$15.80
More Menthol 120's Cigarettes$21.20
More Red 120's Cigarettes$21.20
More Subtle Silver Cigarettes$15.80
Muratti Eleganza Chiaro Slims Cigarettes$16.76
Muratti Eleganza Rosso Slims Cigarettes$16.76
Muratti Eleganza Zaffiro Slims Cigarettes$16.76
Next Azure Edition Cigarettes$15.92
Next Blue Edition Cigarettes$15.92
Next Red Edition Cigarettes$15.92
Next Slims Ros Cigarettes$16.33
Next Slims Vio Cigarettes$16.33
Pall Mall Azure Cigarettes$16.00
Pall Mall Nanoking Silver Cigarettes$17.90
Pall Mall Super Slims Silver Cigarettes$17.90
President Classic Cigarettes$15.21
President Special Cigarettes$15.21
R1 Slims Line Cigarettes$21.75
R1 Super Slim Fresh Cigarettes$21.75
R1 Super Slims Cigarettes$21.75
R1 XSlims Cigarettes$21.75
Richmond Empire Edition Cigarettes$47.35
Sobranie Black Cigarettes$23.12
Sobranie Black Russian Cigarettes$39.86
Sobranie Blue Cigarettes$24.32
Sobranie Cocktail Cigarettes$39.86
Sobranie Gold Cigarettes$24.32
Sobranie White Russian Cigarettes$39.86
Style Selection Arome Super Slims Cigarettes$15.87
Style Selection Bleue Super Slims Cigarettes$15.87
Style Selection Rose Super Slims Cigarettes$15.87
Virginia Slims Premium Cigarettes$19.45
West Blue Cigarettes$17.45
West Red Cigarettes$16.84
West Rich Blue Cigarettes$17.45
West Silver Cigarettes$16.84
Winston Super Slim White Cigarettes$20.68
Winston Super Slims Fresh Menthol Cigarettes$20.68
Winston XS Blue Cigarettes$20.68
Winston XS Silver Cigarettes$20.68